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NRIs across 5 countries – Australia, USA, UK, Canada and Ireland trust Remit2India to send money home. Read here about their reviews, experiences and why they trust Remit2India for their money transfer.

Alvin Thomas Australia
Although this may be business as usual to your team, I am a new migrant to Australia and this is my first experience of transferring money back to India. Your customer service representatives were absolutely exceptional in their conversation language, empathy, customer centricity and professionalism. I can describe my experience in more than 500 words but it may still not do justice to how well trained and amazing are your staff members. Thank you for turning an unhappy customer into a delighted customer.
Sachin Gupta United Kingdom
I would like to thank you all for the wonderful customer service which I receive with every transaction for a long period of 8 years. Excellent remittance system and offers every time, great job Remit2India, keep it up.
Sony KotagiriAustralia
This is regarding the service Remit2India provided me to send the money overseas, it was simply fabulous!! Well Appreciated!! Faster service with a guaranteed exchange rate. I thought I would let you people know how awesome your service was. Will be doing more and more transfers in coming future using your service.
Dr. Aswathiah SrinathUnited Kingdom
I am very happy with the services I have received always as I have a personal officer who always provides an update so I can plan my transfers. I have looked at other services but Remit2India provide good rates & offers which is promising. Overall it's a safe, reliable & a dedicated service which I can recommend to any other NRI colleagues without hesitation
Vipulkumar Gajera France
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the service you are providing. I came across multiple services which provide the money transfer to India. I found the offerings from Remit2India very competitive and beneficial. I have used your service very often in last few months and I am glad that the experience with the service was very good. Guys... wonderful service and keep up the good work…Thank you..!!
Sandeep Kaur Australia
I would like to thank Remit2India for quick and excellent services. I found the Team very helpful in guiding me though every stage of complete money transfer process. Remit2India provides the best transfer rate among other competitors. Many thanks for making the overseas money transfer process easy and reliable for customers.
Anubhav Goyal Australia
I will like to thank you personally for a wonderful service that specially you and your team provided me. I had to transfer a high amount and I was concerned with the scams that happen with people in online transfers. I can say with confidence that I find Remit2India exceptionally reliable and fast. More over your rate has been very competitive. I wish you guys all the best and will recommend and use this as my service of choice for remitting money to India.
Ajinder Pal Singh Australia
Funds transfer was never like this in 10 mins.
Dhrubajyoti Deka USA
I recently had to send a big chunk of money to India for a property purchase. I decided to go with Remit2India and I am glad I did. The customer service executive I worked with was excellent. He was honest, patient and more importantly he knew the process and clearly communicated the steps and kept following up with me and was available to answer any questions. From the day I started the transaction, the compliance verification, local bank to bank wire transfer and actual transfer of funds to India took 4 days and money was deposited in India bank account safely.
Abhishek GuptaAustralia
I am very pleased with Remit2India's money transfer service to India. It is just a few clicks and the money reaches within a day. I think it is the best option for remittances to India.
Hrishikesh D PradhanAustralia
I've used most of the known overseas remittance services. However, Remit2India is by far the best, fastest, most efficient and reliable of the lot. We need to transfer funds on fortnightly/monthly basis and the recent ‘instant transfer’ service that has been introduced, is incredibly convenient. The relationship management team is excellent. I hear from them whenever there are new offers, good exchange rate, each time a remittance is initiated and completed etc. which makes it a whole lot easier. I am a strong advocate of Remit2India and would continue to recommend this to my friends and family.
Divya KesarwaniAustralia
I have always trusted Remit2India for transferring money to India as they always provide hassle free service to their customers. The customer care is very good and satisfactory.
Tenny Alex Australia
I was new to Remit2India and the registration process took no time unless they ask for further documents to verify your identity. There are only simple steps to transfer the money. Once the verification is all clear and if there is no mismatch on the other side, money would be transferred instantly. I am satisfied with their service as I wanted to transfer on the same day itself. I am happy with the customer service and the staff as I received instant updates from them till the transaction process was complete. The customer service is 24/7 which is really good throughout the process.
Anthony Arockiam Germany
I have started to do online Transfer to India through Remit2india. My experience is very positive with Remit2India. All the three transfers were done to my satisfaction. Very reliable, uncomplicated and good service, and as promised prompt transfer in 3 working days. The Personals, who contacted me, were very helpful. You can try it for yourself.
Niket Chag Australia
Apparently I did tried this new service and I was blown away when I found out that the money was credited to my payee's account in less than 30 minutes after I made my first transaction using instant money transfer. I would like to thank you Remit2India and I appreciate for this great new service.
Rajat Gupta Australia
I have been using Remit2India for a while. The rates offered on special promotion are quite attractive. Money gets transferred instantly for me. Transaction fees fluctuates and that can be improved but still not excessively high. Over all I am a happy customer and would not hesitate recommending it.
Ganesh Bavikatte United Kingdom
Thank you for your excellent remitting services. I am regularly using your services for about 6 years. I am very happy with the support given by your team during money transferring process and after care. Your various options of delivering money is also very helpful. I found your team is very supportive and website is easy to understand. You made the process of transferring money easy for me. I could able to pay on time my various bills back home without any problems due to your excellent team and was certain about the amount of money I was transferring too. Many thanks.
Vijay Patel Australia
HUGE IMPROVEMENT IN SERVICE and in website GUYS!! Keep up the good work.
Tejas Chitaliya Singapore
Thank you for your lovely gift of a pack of chocolate to my beneficiary. The gift reached us on time with an extremely nice and decorated box. It was truly a quality gift.
Yogesh Bhintade Germany
Let me express my thanks and appreciation for the efforts and hard work put forth by Remit2India in connection with my safe and secure transaction. At all times I have found Remit2India to be dependable, reliable, honest, and to be as helpful as possible. I have been using your services since July 2008, during which time you have provided an excellent support for each transaction which certifies they are excellent at what they do. Your team is very professional and they get the work done fast. The most important thing in a problem is you are easily reachable. I am continuing to use their services and highly recommend them.
Parimal Patil Germany
I am using Remit2India from past 2 years. When I want to make sure that my money should get transferred through safe hands, I use Remit2India which is the easiest and the fastest way to transfer my funds with comparatively excellent exchange rate. Service provided is truly amazing and satisfying. Transferred funds are well tracked by respective 'Relationship officer' giving up to date information via a phone call, which is always expected by any customer. I trust Remit2India and will recommend others to stay always with Remit2India.
Kamna Malhotra USA
Thank you Remit2India team for the wonderful prize, it indeed came as a pleasant surprise. It has always been an easy process to deal with Remit2India and even easier to win a fantastic prize like Maruti Alto. I would also like to thank the team for the efficient and professional services provided. I look forward to using your services in the future. Keep up the great work.
Sapan Maniyar United Kingdom
I have been using Remit2India to transfer money from UK to India for a past 2 years. Initiating a transfer takes only a few minutes, and the transaction can be tracked easily over phone or Internet. Complete peace of mind for online money transfer.
Akash Prajapati USA
I am very happy to win a brand new Maruti Alto. I have been sending money through Remit2India for a long time now and their quick & effortless money transfer is what keeps bringing me back. I had never expected to win this prize, and I am happy to say that they made my day!
Mahesh Ramanujam USA
I was so excited to receive the news of me winning the Maruti SX4 car from Remit2India. This was my first experience with Remit2India and it was indeed a pleasant surprise. Thanks to the Remit2India team for making me feel lucky. Good Luck.
Atul Sadavare USA
I heard about Remit2India from one of my friends. Even though I was scared to use it the first time, now I am in love with the service. My first interaction with Remit2India was with Reshma Godani, a relationship manager. I must say it was a very good experience since she cleared all my doubts and I have had no problems dealing with the service ever since. I have recommended the service to all my friends and they too are now regular users of Remit2India. Thank you once again.
Rishabh Parmar USA
Money transfer is the easiest and fastest way to send money across the globe. Quick inter accounts setup and transaction status tracker makes Remit2India, safest way to send your money. The reliable customer service also makes sure you have a swift transaction. I would definitely recommend remit2india to anyone who wants to send money with peace of mind.
Jaydip Dhar USA
Remit2India is from Times Group so it is reliable. It has a great customer care team to answer all questions and the best thing is I got a car for sending money. It's simply great. Thanks to Remit2India.
Nikhilesh Shukla USA
Remit2India has best exchange rate. I love your convenient and reliable service.
Arvind Verma Australia
Paul J, Relationship Manager, Remit2India informed me, that I have won a prize in the March Money Mania. This was probably not possible without help from R2I and Paul, who is an excellent Relationship Manager who is always willing to help and calls me whenever I need to transfer money. His courteous and amicable behaviour keeps me engaged and I feel like talking to him.
Vijay B Nanda USA
I sent 50,000 USD through Remit2India recently. The verification and compliance process was very thorough and security oriented. I am finally very satisfied with my transaction and money reached my Bank in less than about 5 days. I would highly recommend Remit2India to my fellow US NRIs.
Jayant Deshpande Australia
I like Remit2India because of its fast and easy money transfer services. My family received money faster than I expected .It gives me brilliant benefits where I can track the transfer online. Apart from getting the better exchange rates, the customer service is always very prompt and helpful.
Santosh Kumar Sahoo USA
When I compare with other service providers, I am very happy with Remit2India so far. I have got best rates and timely delivery most of the time. You have excellent customer service and nice online portal. In all of my future transaction I will opt for Remit2India.
Kamna Malhotra USA
It has always been very easy to use Remit2India's service. Once verification is done, everything can be handled online or on the phone, 24 X 7. The money always arrives in time. The sweepstakes win was an added thrill! Thanks a lot.
Piyush Kheria USA
Regarding the service of Remit2India, I am very impressed with the smooth and quick transfer of funds. I had thought that it will take 3-4 days for the transfer, but I was surprised to see that the money was remitted quickly the following day. I appreciate the systems at Remit2India.
Vikas Kundu USA
A friend recommended R2I to me and I found the service consistent and fast paced. It is totally worth recommending it to my friends.
Kaushal Patel USA
My biggest issue with other providers was follow up. Remit2India helped me to not just initiate transaction but also followed up until my money reached India. Winning the sweepstake was a bonus. Thank you for an awesome service. I will surely refer my friends.
Parag Jain USA
Remit2India is one of the best money transfer services I have used. They provide a fast, convenient and reliable service and the best rates around.
Chandni Desai Australia
I was using a bank service to transfer money to India till my friends told me about remit2india. First, I was not sure how safe the service would be. After using Remit2India once I have been using it again and again. Remit2India is very safe, secure and fast service to transfer money with good exchange rates. I would recommend my friends and family as well. Thanks remit2india for making whole transaction process so easy.
Pranav Shah USA
It has always been a smooth and hassle free experience with Remit2India. The fact that I have been progressively transferring a higher sum of money is a testament to the confidence I have in Remit2India.
Satej Sirur USA
Remit2India is a fast and reliable way to send money to India. Their team is very helpful when it comes to getting remittances through even when the rare problems are outside their systems. Highly recommended.
Prakash Ranganathan United States
I like using Remit2India because it is user friendly, convenient and reliable.
Juhi Gupta USA
I would give Remit2India 10/10 for customer service. They work with your timings. They are very responsive and always ready to provide alternative solutions if needed. Just drop them an email and they get back to you immediately.
Danish USA
Am really very impressed with your customer service. Keep it up!
Sagar Patel USA
Remit2India is from Times Group so it is reliable. It has a great customer care team to answer all questions and the best thing is I got a car for sending money. It's simply great. Thanks to Remit2India.
Bhavit Parikh Australia
Thanks for your prompt action. I am glad to use your service.
Anil Sood USA
I think Remit2India gives great service and I very much appreciate it.
Parminder Australia
I really like your customer assistance and am sure I will always send money through Remit2India.
Siva Kumar
I really think Remit2India is a great service and I appreciate your promptness.
Anand Mehta USA
Remit2India provides good and convenient service for paying utilities bills in India. I like their customer service; they have been quick in providing responses to my queries.
Nimish Arora USA
Best exchange rate and convenience drove me to Remit2India three years back and I have been a loyal customer ever since. Well the service has been fantastic. Reliability, Security and Efficiency is unmatchable compared to their peers. Customer service has always been exceptional. Every penny I saved over the last three years has been transferred through Remit2India. The biggest advantage is no daily limits, no weekly limits; when I had to buy a dwelling for myself, I was able to transfer all money instantly. Thanks from a very satisfied customer.
Sandeep Kamanth
United Kingdom
Vasanth Madhav 
New Jersey, USA
Sanjeev Huralikoppi 
Virginia, USA

Success Stories

I never thought transferring money for EMIs would be so simple!!!
Meghna Rane
Melbourne, Victoria
Customer Since

Tapping the right opportunities

Having spent her childhood in the cultural hub of Pune, Meghna's decision to migrate to Australia for further studies was almost like a culture shock. Having to convince her parents that she would maintain her roots despite being in a diametrically opposite culture was tough. But Meghna was firm and she took up a Masters course in a reputed university in the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria.

Now, 2 years after having completed her course, Meghna had fulfilled her educational & career aspirations to a large extent. However, what remained unfulfilled was a huge moral responsibility towards her folks back home.

Having grown up in a modest middle-class household, Meghna knew that her parents had stretched to ensure her dreams were realized. Now it was time to pay back. Her friends in the local Marathi Mandal suggested that she buy her parents a car. Her dad had retired and a nice Maruti Alto would make life easier for him. While it seemed like gifting a car across the seven seas would be the tough part, little did she know that this was actually the easiest piece.

Meghna had, when she migrated, opened a bank account with a new private bank near her home. The fully loaded NRE account came with all the features that made it sound like the perfect option. Even when Meghna had zeroed down on the car, she first approached her bank for the loan and everything went very smoothly. But now came the difficult part. In India, she could have done an ECS from her salary account and paid the EMIs. She couldn't obviously do the same using her Commonwealth Bank account. So she again approached her 'one-stop-shop' bank but that's when her problems started. The setting up of the remittances was a pain, the website was confusing and the customer support team gave everything but support!!

That's when her friend drilled some sense into her with a simple analogy. If you had a back pain, would you go to a general physician or a specialist? The obvious answer was the latter. It now dawned upon Meghna that her Bank was good at what it did best opening her account, giving a loan etc. But when it came to setting up your overseas account for an EMI payment, she needed a specialist. And that specialist was Remit2India. Going through the website, Meghna was easily able to set up her account to make the EMI payments and now she felt that her moral responsibility was met to a large extent. Meghna has now moved to a new, highly paying job and her next aim is to buy an apartment back in Pune. And this time she knows exactly how to send the money for the EMI.

Now, I feel like the distance between me and maa baba just got a bit shorter... all thanks to Remit2India!
Sriroop Dutta
Jersey City, NJ
Busines owner
Customer Since

Bridging the Gap

A common complaint amongst most NRIs is that while there is an opportunity of a better life abroad, the distance with their roots is a huge sacrifice they make. Everyone wants the best of both worlds and the NRI is no different.

While they indulge themselves culturally, wherever they are in the world, the feeling is never really the same as back home. The Internet has helped bridge this gap in a big way. Apart from the basic chat & emails, the advent of Skype & Gtalk, you can actually see what's happening back home real time, giving a completely unique experience.

But, these means can only go as far as reducing the communication gap. It does not reduce the NRI's responsibility in any way. A perfect example of this is Sriroop Dutta. With his folks back home in Kolkata, Sriroop had the constant guilt pangs of not being able to do enough for them. And his fears were not unfounded. He learnt it the hard way when his mom had to file a claim for her medical policy; he realized that he had forgotten to pay the premium.

The premium amount was hardly an issue. But juggling his local bills & keeping track of bills back home was indeed a challenge. He invariably missed out on several occasions and learnt the lessons the hard way. Fortunately, he didn't have to look very far for a solution.

Having used Remit2India to send money back home, Sriroop chanced upon a new service of theirs called BillPay2India. BillPay2India was an online bill manager specifically designed for NRIs. Sitting anywhere in the world, they could keep track & pay any bill in India using the Internet. He got regular updates when his bill was due and the best part was that he could choose the exact rupee amount that he had to pay and was not dependent on the vagaries of the exchange rate.

Now, Sriroop is a relieved man. Though there are still the same physical limitations, he feels that the distance between him and his parents has just got a little closer. Thanks to BillPay2India - Remit2India's online bill manager.

Remit2India helped me sent the entire amount in one go.
Prakash Murthy
Mountain View, CA
Busines owner
Customer Since

Building the dream home

America, so long renowned as the land of opportunity. Over the years, thousands of starry-eyed youngsters have migrated from their homeland in search of the American Dream.

While not every one of them manages to make it big, there are some individuals who are living examples of how an opportunity, when properly used, can reap huge rewards. One such example is Prakash Murthy. Born in a well-to-do family in Bangalore, he could have settled for a cushy lifestyle joining his dad's business. But then, he was not the type to settle for less.

Prakash pursued his M.B.A in a leading university in Michigan and having inherited his Dad's entrepreneurial skill, he used his engineering background to launch a tech start-up in the Silicon Valley during the dotcom boom. Fortunately, Prakash's management skills helped him survive the bust and he emerged even stronger.

Over the years, as the Valley blossomed, so did Prakash's empire. His company was thriving and always a potential candidate for a big name buyout. He had also started a couple of parallel ventures to keep the entrepreneurial juices flowing. On the personal front, Prakash was the center of a lot of envious glares. A million dollar home in posh Menlo Park with a few sleek sets of wheels reflected the progress he had made.

Even with all this, Prakash never forgot home. He used to regularly contribute to his alma mater in Bangalore and was a mini celebrity for a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs.

What Prakash also realized over the years was that America was not the land of opportunity. In fact, there was so much action happening back home that it was fast outpacing the opportunities in the U.S. And the go-getter that he was, Prakash sure wanted a share of this pie, too. Real estate was the most logical decision but distance was the most obvious constraint.

Sitting miles away, Prakash had little information of new projects, developing localities, developer reputation etc. Plus the fact that if he did buy a property, how would he send such a huge amount back home.

Help arrived, from an unexpected quarter. Prakash used to send money through Remit2India over the last 4 years. Having got accustomed to the comfort of the online medium, he was assigned a Relationship Manager as part of the Elite Program at Remit2India. When Prakash spoke about his predicament, he was pleasantly surprised that not only did Remit2India help him identify a good opportunity, it helped him with all the paperwork and most importantly, sending money in one go. Something, which even his bank, couldn't help him with.

And the icing on the cake was that he got a preferential rate too. So, even before buying the property, he could already see his money appreciating.

Prakash's take is simple. Invest in a relationship with the right partner and the results will show. For him, Remit2India was the perfect partner. And the results are there for all to see!!

All the hassle of going to the bank and checking, is history!
R. Suryam
Redmond, WA
Busines owner
Customer Since

A better remittance experience

Over the last decade, India's intellectual capital has been one of its biggest exports. Every year, thousands of skilled engineers go abroad to ply their trade either on deputation from Indian software biggies or working with the biggest names in Silicon Valley after completing their Masters.

Either ways, the American economy had fulfilled the aspirations of hundreds of such engineers from even the smaller towns in India. Something they wouldn't probably have dreamt of had they stayed on.

One such wide-eyed boy was Suryam. A telecommunication engineer from a relatively unknown college in Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, Suryam had the difficult predicament of settling for a small time job in Hyderabad or pursuing a higher degree overseas, which would be his ticket to a good life. Suryam never lacked the ambition but with limited resources, he had to take a few risks. And that's exactly what he did. Taking a huge loan on his dad's ancestral property, Suryam applied and got through to a Masters course in a reputed University in Colorado, U.S.

After excelling in his course, he landed a plum posting with one of the biggest software companies in its sprawling campus near Seattle, Washington. With the feeling of having achieved something most people don't even dare to dream of, Suryam was on top of the world.

The family man that he was, the first thing he did after starting to earn is to send money back to his parents in Vizag. His dad banked with a nationalized bank and he was at a stage in life that the money from abroad was fast becoming more important than the meager pension he was drawing. Every month, Suryam used to send a cheque to his dad and within 'just' 3-4 weeks, the money would be credited to his dad's account. The process was painful. The wait was agonizing but his dad had no option. The guilt of having to depend on his son was already killing him so a few weeks of waiting was something he had learned to live with.

However, the biggest irony about Suryam was that he was in a team responsible for creating the very tool that makes the Internet work. He knew all the complex codes & scripts that actually helped millions across the world browse the Web. But when it came to sending money back home, he opted for a route that was completely 'offline'. It’s not that he didn't care about the problems his dad faced while receiving the money. It was just probably inertia that kept him stuck to a process that was as age old as the manual typewriter in an era of tablets & smart phones!! Until one incident made him wake up. It was his dad's 60th birthday in a couple of weeks and if he sent money, he knew that it wouldn't reach 2 weeks after the occasion. The guilt of not being physically present plus the fact that he had overlooked the time to send the money made Suryam wake up from his stupor. There had to be a better way to do this in this day and age.

One thing good for Suryam was that there was a strong Indian presence in his work place. In fact, he had more colleagues from near his hometown than local Americans. These friends formed the support system and also helped him sort out his problem. Sukesh, a close friend and colleague, had gone through the same cycle. But he had heard of a service called Remit2India and having become a regular user of the service, he was at peace.

Sukesh suggested the same idea to Suryam and it didn't take long for an Internet junkie to get hooked on to an online service. Suryam chatted, banked, shopped, and watched TV on the Internet so this was a logical extension. Now, his transfers happen online and the money reaches in 4 days flat. No tension. No inconvenience. No worrying about the exchange rate. No missing occasions. Life was indeed simpler.

Now, a year after getting Suryam into the Remit2India fold, Sukesh still does not miss an opportunity to pull his best friend's leg. He says that he has saved Sukesh a lot of embarrassment. A guy who writes the best Internet code for millions and not using the Internet for his own needs is akin to sacrilege. Thankfully, Suryam is no longer in that category.