How to Transfer Large Amounts to India?

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Transferring large sums of money to India have always been a concern for most non-residential Indians. After working hard in a foreign country, managing multiple jobs and saving up to pay home loans, education loans or any mortgage payments in India, you need an ideal money transfer portal to send money to your family back in India. Though you can go for banks to transfer money to India, there is a lot of paperwork involved and this can lead to serious delays especially in urgent situations. Plus, you should also wait for the ideal exchange rate to make your transaction economical. You can also go for exchange brokers but the cost you would incur with them is nothing less tedious.

So if you are wondering how to transfer large amounts of money to India, we have the optimum solution. After carefully considering the practical problems faced by non-residential Indians in sending money to their home in India, Remit2India is offering secure and convenient money transfers of any sending amount to India.

How to Transfer Money using Remit2India?

India money transfers from a foreign country need not be daunting anymore. With Remit2India, you can transfer money at the click of a button without having to visit a bank or an agent. To transfer money to India, you need to first login to your account on Remit2India and select your respective countries for transfer. Once you select the countries, the respective exchange rates show up on the window. You need to then enter the amount you intend to transfer to India and you will be instantly shown the value of your money transfer after exchange rates. Since Remit2India always offers great exchange rates, you are in for an economical transfer.

Once you know the amount that would be sent to your friends or family, you can complete the transaction by choosing a payment option. Remit2India offers two payment options wire transfers & online transfers. The advantages with the payment options are that money gets transferred to your beneficiary's account in a maximum of 6 working days with wire or online transfers.

If you are looking for more perks with your international money transfer, you do not incur any transaction charges when you transfer money from Australia and the UK. And if you are sending money from the US, you incur zero transaction charges for money transfers over $999. Plus, you can send money to any bank account you have to with Remit2India. It does not matter if it is a nationalized bank like Canara Bank or a private bank like Karur Vysya, you can send money to whichever bank account you have to without any hassles. This means that nobody from the receiver's end have to visit the bank, an agent or a broker to get the money you send. It reaches their bank accounts intact.

If you wish to know more details about the entire process of sending money with Remit2India, you can always get in touch with our expert customer support team, who will handle all your questions and provide you with a working solution. Our team will ensure you experience peace of mind before you click on that transfer button. To make it easier, we also have a call-back button to request a call-back from our team. With interesting referral programs in place for you to help your friends out in seamless money transfers, you can also earn some money with their introduction. What are you waiting for!