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A pioneer in online remittances, we have been in the industry for over 16 years and have helped millions of NRIs to transfer money home. We offer easy, fast and secure money transfers to India, with no hidden charges.

Our attractive offerings

Guaranteed exchange rate
Lock your exchange rate when you book your transaction to avoid any surprises.
Zero transfer fees
Zero transfer fees for sending amount more than 999 USD
Safety and security
Just book your transaction and rest assured your money will be transferred safely
Higher transaction limit
Send large amounts in one transaction - higher limit for your bigger requirements
24X7 customer support
Our customer service team is available 24X7 through email
Lock your exchange rate when you book your transaction to avoid any surprises.

How Remit2India Works

To put it simply, we handle all the hassles of international transactions and currency conversions for you. No matter which sending option you choose, your transfer happens locally. We then covert your amount into INR and send it to the recipient - all the while keeping your transaction safe and secure. Read on to find more.
Sign-up with us in a few simple steps and give us your basic details like contact information, date of birth and set your password. You are ready to send money now.
Sending money
Choose how you want to send money - through ACH or wire transfers. Depending on the pay mode, add your personal details, receiver details and bank account details. You are now good to send money home.
Receiving Money
Money will be directly credited to the receiver's bank account.