What is Remit2India's money transfer service?

Remit2India's money transfer service is a secure online way of sending money to India, in 10 currencies from 24 countries across the world. You just need to follow 3 steps to send money to India with us.
1. Register on the Remit2India Money Transfers site by entering basic details.
2. Select your sending option.
3. Provide details of the receiver in India.

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Who can use Remit2India's money transfer service?

Only Non-Resident Indians, Persons of Indian Origin(collectively, "non-residents") shall access, use and avail of the Website and the Facilities only to the extent the domestic laws of India and such other countries permit them to access, use and avail of the Website and the Facilities
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In which currencies can I transfer money to India?

Currently, you can transfer money to India in 10 currencies: U.S Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euros, Japanese Yen, UAE Dirham, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and Hong Kong Dollar.
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In which countries is the Remit2India Money Transfers service available?

With Remit2India, you can currently transfer money from 24 countries to India. These countries are:
• United States
• United Kingdom
• Australia
• Singapore
• Canada
• Germany
• Austria
• Belgium
• Cyprus
• Finland
• France
• Greece
• Hong Kong
• Ireland
• Italy
• Japan
• Luxembourg
• Malta
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Portugal
• Slovakia
• Spain
• United Arab Emirates
We are in the process of extending our services to other Asian as well as Middle Eastern countries. We will update you once these services are activated for you to enjoy.
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Why should I trust Remit2India with my money transfers?

We are a part of TOM Technology Services Private limited, which is a global leader in online payments and remittances. We believe in providing value, convenience and more importantly, transparency and security to users. Our many satisfied users reflect this fact.More importantly, unlike banks, our only focus is on online money transfers to India. So we are able to give you cutting-edge solutions with focused support.
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Is Remit2India Money Transfers safe?

Definitely, yes. We use the best technology available for your transactions. All our servers and firewalls have gone through extensive security tests. And they are constantly monitored for any suspicious activity. Plus, in none of our payment modes does any debit appear in your bank account unless you have personally authorized it.
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What type of payments can I make through Remit2India Money Transfers?

You can send money for family maintenance, Credit to NRE/ NRO account and for Gifting purposes only.
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What is the Remittance Transaction Reference Number or RTRN?

The Remittance Reference Transaction Number or RTRN is a unique number displayed on your screen at the time that you book your remittance. Consider it the root of your transaction. You need to refer to the RTRN in different situations:
• You get to know the exact status of your transfer by simply clicking on your RTRN on our Status Tracker.
• Whenever you write mails to us or chat to us or even call us about your transfer, you can just specify the RTRN to know everything about your transaction.
• When you select the Check Transfer option, you have to write your RTRN in the memo area of your check.
• If you send a Wire Transfer to the bank via your local bank, you need to fill in your RTRN on the Remittance Confirmation Page. You then need to take a printout of this page after you complete a transaction through Remit2India, in order to submit to your bank.

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How will you inform me about my transaction status?

After you send money to India with Remit2India, we keep you informed of the status through regular email updates and reminders. You will also get instant mobile alerts whenever there is any update on your transaction.
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What are the different status types for transactions?

We give you updates on all stages of your transactions. They are:
Money Awaited: This means that the money has not reached the bank. This appears when you have not mailed us the check; or if the check is still in the mail. This status also shows up when your wire transfer has not reached our bank account.
Money in Clearing: This means that the bank has received your check or ACH Transfer instruction and it is in the banking channels for clearance.
Money Dispatched: This means that your check or ACH Transfer instruction is cleared; or your wire transfer money is realized and dispatched to the recipient.
Money Delivered: This means that the demand draft is delivered to the recipient or the amount is directly deposited in the recipient's bank account. You can view the delivery details against your Remittance Reference Number.
Dead Letter: This appears if, one month after booking your remittance with us, the bank has not received your funding check or your wire transfer instruction. If you would still like to send money to your beneficiary, you will now need to book it as a new remittance.
Of course, apart from regular email updates from Remit2India Money Transfers, you can get the latest updates using Status Tracker at Remit2India Money Transfers. All you have to do is click ‘RTRN number'.
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Is there a limit on the number of recipients to whom you can send money?

No. You can send the money to as many people as you wish. Remit2India Money Transfers has an Address Book tool where you can enter and store your receivers' details for quick access the next time you want to send money to them.
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Can I send money to an NRE account through Remit2India Money Transfers?

Yes, you can send money to any NRE account in India. If you have an NRE account with any of Remit2India Money Transfer's partner banks, money is directly credited into that account.
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Do my recipient or I need to open any special bank account?

No. You can continue to use your existing accounts.
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Is money sent through Remit2India Money Transfers taxable for a recipient?

No. Since you have paid your taxes overseas on income that you have earned, your recipient does not need to pay taxes on the money that you send home.
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How is Remit2India Money Transfers better than conventional modes of sending money to India?

There are many reasons why Remit2India is better than conventional methods:
• Online remittances with Remit2India mean less legwork for you.
• We offer you multiple sending options.
• Our transaction fees are extremely affordable; and the exchange rates are among the very best; you can select a booking exchange rate or even opt for a Guaranteed Exchange Rate.
• Our entire process is cashless.
• With us you can also deposit directly into receiver accounts across 89 banks and around 87,000 of their branches across India.
• Our excellent support is available for you 24x7.
• We ensure that you can track your money online all the way to India.
• We provide you get solid security and safety. Our systems are protected by the latest technology and are constantly monitored for suspicious activity.
• We give you the facility to set payment alerts for your regular transfers such as EMIs for home and education loans and insurance premiums.
See how Remit2India compares with other modes of sending money to India.

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