Send money from Texas to Hyderabad

Guaranteed Rate

1 USD =   72.87 INR

Indicative Rate

1 USD =  73.02 INR
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Why use Remit2India?

If you are looking for an ideal way to send money from Texas to Hyderabad or any other Indian city, look no further. Remit2India is your destination for all your money transfer needs. The process of transferring money to India is really convenient and secure as well. All you have to do is select your destination and source countries, enter the amount you intend to send, check the price your friends or family would receive in their local currency and initiate the money transfer from USA to India.

The best part about Remit2India is that they allow you to transfer money to all the major banks that are operational in India. So no matter if you are looking for nationalized or private banks to transfer funds to, they have you. Plus, they offer great exchange rates and zero transaction charges for transactions over $1000. What’s more, when it comes to transferring money to India, you need not worry about upper limits for bulk transfers, there are none! With Remit2India, neither you nor your people back at home have to visit the bank, an agent or a broker to withdraw what you have sent. The money is sent directly in their account conveniently waiting for them to withdraw.

Sending Options

Send up to $50,000 in 6 working days, subject to receipt of funds.

Send up to $200,000 in 2 working days, subject to receipt of funds.