Send money from California to Kolkata

Guaranteed Rate

1 USD =   72.87 INR

Indicative Rate

1 USD =  73.02 INR
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Why use Remit2India?

Sometimes, your friends and family back in India would need your presence and support. And that is exactly the time they may also need financial assistance. At such a stage, getting an ideal money transfer platform could be problematic, especially in urgent situations. This is where Remit2India comes in. They offer one of most convenient platforms to send money from California to Kolkata or any other Indian city. The website allows you to initiate money transfer from USA to India in two diverse ways – wire transfer that takes a maximum of two days to get credited in your beneficiary’s account and an online transfer.

You can choose what works best for you and carry out a money transfer to India completely hassle-free. Besides, you get great exchange rates with Remit2India and your loved ones back in India do not have to visit banks & agents or pay additional charges to withdraw the amount you have sent to them. Remit2India is able to transfer money directly into the accounts of most banks that are operational in India so you can have a stress-free experience while sending money to India.

In addition to all of the above, Remit2India also offers 2 additional value added services. Firstly, there are no transfer fees for amounts above $1000 from USA. Secondly, there is no upper limit on bulk money transactions from USA.

Sending Options

Send up to $50,000 in 6 working days, subject to receipt of funds.

Send up to $200,000 in 2 working days, subject to receipt of funds.