Instant Money Transfer to India from USA


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Today’s Guaranteed Rate 1 USD = 70.80 INR

Zero fees when you send 1,000 USD & above.

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Instant transfer is really easy. All transactions upto $3,500 are eligible for instant transfers, subject to certain T&Cs. Instant transfers can be done from anywhere through Remit2India website or mobile app.

Moreover, if the amount to be transferred is $1,000 or more, we do not charge any handling or transfer fees either. It really is that convenient.

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The instant transfer service is selectively available to eligible customers and/or transactions at the sole discretion of Remit2India. Instant transfers from the U.S. shall be paid out to the beneficiary account in India at the earliest, after the expiry of 30 minutes from booking, subject to local clearing/bank availability, and successful completion of all compliance checks.