Indicative Rate Transfers

What is an indicative rate?

    When you send money to India, there are two types of rate you can choose. First is guaranteed rate where the transaction booking rate is same as transaction processing rate. The second option is indicative rate.
    Imagine if there is a currency fluctuation, which is actually quite common in the current scenario. Due to the volatility, exchange rates may increase in the coming days. If you would have selected indicative rate, you would have got the benefit of this fluctuation. You would have booked your transaction at a particular rate, but when your transaction is actually processed the rate would be higher and the same would be applied to your transaction. Isn't it great?
    So don't lose out on this advantage and send money at indicative rates making the most of your money transfer.

Guaranteed Rate Transfers for USA


Before you log in to your Remit2India account, you will see both Guaranteed Rate and Indicative Rate.
When you log in to your Remit2India account, select 'Indicative Rate Transfer'.
Choose ACH as your payment method while booking your transaction.
Enter the amount that you wish to send along with the receiver's bank and contact details.
Initiate the transaction.
Transaction will be processed in 6 working days.