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Send Money to India from USA

Money transfer to India is very fast, easy and secure with Remit2India. You can send money for family needs, investments, loan payments and to buy property. You can send money from anywhere. And you have the option to send money via ACH and wire transfer. You can decide to send the money directly to any account. With transfers from 24 countries and in 10 currencies, Remit2India is the best way to send money to India from US.

Why transfer money to India with Remit2India ?

We offer you attractive exchange rates, and we don't charge you any transfer fee when you send more than USD 1001 in a single transaction. So your money transfers to India can be made free. Also, you get notified instantly every time a transaction takes place. Plus, you can set up payment alerts for your regular payments. We can even send you reminders. And when you send money to India with us, you can track your money instantly. Our exchange rates are also live on the website and we assure you that you won’t face any inconvenience because of us.

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