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Guaranteed Rate

1 GBP =   91.71 INR

Indicative Rate

1 GBP =  91.71 INR
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Why use Remit2India?

Sometimes, we tend to get worried about an instant money transfer if we do not receive the confirmation notifications on time. And when it comes to international money transfers, the paranoia multiplies by manifold. However, to eliminate all such instances, Remit2India is here with a convenient solution. With them, remittance to India is not just easy but is secure as well. You can now initiate money transfer to India in a few easy steps and even seek the assistance of expert support professionals, should you incur any concerns during the processing.

The website allows you to easily transfer money from London to Pune or any other Indian city, where your friends or family resides and have a bank account. The best part about the website is that you can get the amount credited directly to their bank accounts. It does not matter if it is a nationalized or a private bank. The money transferred with Remit2India directly reaches your beneficiary's bank account. Apart from this, Remit2India also offers great exchange rates and does not levy any transaction charges. It lets you transfer money without burning a hole in your pocket. This makes the entire process simple, safe and secure.

Sending Options

Send upto INR 200,000 instantly (subject to instant T&Cs) and other amounts in 1 working day (subject to verification).

Send upto 200,000 GBP at one go in 1 working day, subject to verification and receipt of funds.

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