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Guaranteed Rate

1 GBP =   91.71 INR

Indicative Rate

1 GBP =  91.71 INR
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Why use Remit2India?

Sending money to India from a foreign country is no longer a daunting task. With Remit2India, it is just a matter of few clicks. If you are living in London and intend to send money from London to Kolkata, all you have to do is login to Remit2India website and start off with the process. Money will be sent instantly to the receiver's bank account, subject to instant T&Cs. Remit2India services is tailored to meet the needs of NRIs for remittance to India.
Just enter your details, select the payment method, enter the amount and you are done. Money can also be sent through debit cards. When you enter the amount you intend to transfer, you will be shown a real time result on the amount that will get credited to your receiver's account in INR. This conversion is based on the best exchange rate applicable on the day. Once specified, you can do a quick money transfer to India by choosing to complete the payment by net banking, wire transfer or debit card. After this, you would get a confirmation and depending on the mode of payment selected, in less than an hour and not more than two days, you would get a confirmation from your family that the amount has been credited. What's more, you can send money from UK to India without any charges.

Sending Options

Send upto INR 200,000 instantly (subject to instant T&Cs) and other amounts in 1 working day (subject to verification).

Send upto 200,000 GBP at one go in 1 working day, subject to verification and receipt of funds.

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