Guaranteed Rate

1 GBP = 96.51 INR

Indicative Rate

1 GBP = 96.32 INR

Minimum Sending Amount 50 GBP

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Jag Chadalawada

Initially I was a bit sceptical when I read about the reviews. Actually I did got myself registered with the website & have also added the beneficiary in India. Uploaded the copy of my driving license & bank statement. Got a call from Mr.Praveen the next day stating about the rates. Later that day I initiated the transfer , got a hiccup at the end of the transfer , so called the customer care & got really good help from Miss. Belinda to complete the transfer. She actually did call & informed me the next time when the transfer rates are reasonably high. I do appreciate all your help & it was a very simple , clean , transparent transfer for me . I have received the funds on the other end within 24hrs without any further problem. read more


Dr Shashi B Krishnamurthy

Remit2India is a great company!! Remit2India is a great companyto transfer money to India from Australia. I have used their service since 2009 when Remit2India was recommended by a friend. I have always found it easy and quick with great exchange rates. They take great care to ensure that funds are legitimately earned before transfer. I think this is necessary in the current times. Relationship officers get involved and keep in contact when the conversion rates are good and when offers are available. Currently Ms Rupali Bhoir has been of great help to me. Mr Chaten, Nikhil are others who have been my relationship officers in the past and provided good service. Thank you one and all read more


Chandrashekar R

excellent I have been with the remit 2 India from past 5 years, it's really a great experience and I would recommend my friends, also am extremely happy with the people like Chethan (senior relationship officer)the way handling the customers. read more


Pardeep Singh

Great services like customer service and money transfers
Hi all I highlyrecommend to all they use the remit2india service to transfer money it’s best and fast service to transfer money. Very appreciate to Amit who is very helpful guy. read more


Poonam P

Great option for money transfer. Excellent step by step help
from the customer care. Happy working with Mr. Pratik, who answered all my queries and helped with my transfers. read more


Syed Moinbasha

Very good Service of Remit2India.
I send funds back home to India through Remit2India, when my extended family member is in need of funds for their maintenance. Till date, I haven’t had a single bad experience with their services read more



Fantastic service
Fantastic service quick best rates fast we can depend on recommended to many of my friends Harpreet is very friendly and always available for support read more



As I am very happy with the service with remit2india the credit goes to Mr. Sanjay bhatiya as he has helped me with my transaction knowledge me about the process and methods of transfer appreciate him for his work and professionalism and followed up with me all the way he can appreciate his work read more


Suresh Kurapati

I was the first time user, transferred 2000$ to India, the same credited into my India account in 0-1 hour. It was awesome. Now my username was blocked due to 3 attempts were done with my wrong password. Sent an email for unblocking my account, please do the request resolved asap. read more



Excellent follow up sales guy and instantly transfer

Benefits of sending money through Remit2India

Secure transfers

Send money to India in a safe & secure way.

Multiple sending options

Send money through debit card, net banking or wire transfers.

Zero transfer fees

Pay zero fees on any amount of transfer.

Send upto £200,000 at one go

Send up to £100,000 using online transfers and up to £200,000 using wire transfers.

Great exchange rates

Our great exchange rates gives great value to your transfer.

Track your transfer online

Don't lose sight of your money. Track your transfer at every stage.

Send money to any bank account in India

To see the complete list of banks, click here.

Send money to India from UK

With Remit2India, money transfer from the UK to India is easy, secure and transparent. You can transfer money to India for family needs, investments, EMIs, loan payments and property purchases. With best exchange rates and zero fees, Remit2India is the best way to send money to India from UK.

Best way to send money to India from UK

Remit2India offers net banking transfer, debit card transfer and wire transfer options for sending money to India from UK. Select the best option suitable as per your requirement and send money directly to any bank in India.

How safe is it to send money to India?

Sending money to India is safe and secure. You can send as much as £200,000 at one go without any hassles. You can trust us for sending your hard earned money to India. There are strict compliance controls in place to ensure safe delivery of your money.

How much Indian currency can you send?

You can send as much as you want with Remit2India. There is no limit on the amount you can send to your family or your own account.