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Why use Remit2India?

For those of you looking for seamless ways to send money to India from Australia, the United States of America, Canada or others, Remit2India offers you the most economic and convenient ways. The platform is ideal for you to send money in over 10 different currencies across diverse countries. All you have to do is login to the platform, select your source and destination countries and initiate the transaction. For example, if you have to send money from Sydney to Chennai, just select the countries, choose the amount you intend to transfer and select your payment options. That’s it, you are good to go!

One of the best aspects of sending money to India with Remit2India is that your funds would get directly transferred to your beneficiary’s account regardless of which bank they have account in. No matter if their bank is a nationalized bank like the SBI or a private one like HDFC, the amount gets credited to their respective bank accounts. This also means that they don’t have to visit an agent or a money exchange store to withdraw money. What’s more, there are no fees on money transfer and no upper limits on bulk money transfers from Australia. The process is simple, reliable and secure. When you invite friends to transfer money with Remit2India, you also earn money when they sign up and are transferring money to India. Now that makes it really profitable for you!

Sending Options

You can send up to $25,000 within 3 working days.

Send large amounts in a single transaction safely and with ease. Transfer time is 1 working day, subject to receipt of funds.

Money transfer to India with Remit2India