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Advertising on the Web
The Web and India
  • 1.6 million connections and 4.8 million users and expected to reach 2.7 million connections and 8 million users by march 2001.
  • Pending demand of 1 million Internet connections.
  • 81% PC buyers are driven by need to access Internet.
  • 48% users access the Internet daily.
  • 200 cities are connected to the net.
  • 77% users are in the Capital cities and metros.
  • 43% users are from the professional and the corporate segment.
Why advertising on the Web is a better option
  • Targeting Consumers - more specific than offline media.
  • Highest levels of Innovation.
  • Measured Results - you can track effectiveness of communication.
  • No Geographic Boundary.
  • Cost effective - for a reach as wide, costs compare extremely favourably with conventional media.
  • Interactive - a two way process of communication.


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