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TimesofMoney - The Right Choice
Company Credentials is a wholly owned subsidiary of Times Internet Limited (TIL), a Group Company of Bennett Coleman & Company Limited. It has a strong domestic presence and Remit2India, its proprietary money transfer service has ensconced the Company into the hearts of the Indian Diaspora across the globe.

The A To Z of Finances

As an unparalleled, neutral platform for financial services, for both the common man and corporate customer, the TimesofMoney portfolio ranges from deposits, insurance, cards, loans, bill payment and taxation to mutual funds, equity, NRI remittances and corporate finance.


By design, TimesofMoney is literally a financial supermarket. By appeal, it is nothing less than the bank of banks and the financial institution of all financial institutions. You benefit by targeted sales to a segment of Internet users who are knowledgeable and pre-disposed towards transacting on the web.

Unparalleled Reach

As a member of the Times family of web properties, TimesofMoney enjoys access to the largest base of Indian Internet users in India, as well as overseas. Traffic on, and alone exceeds 80 million page views a month!

Impression-Based Pricing

As an advertiser, you pay only for the number of times that your message appears during your campaign period, unlike with other website, where you pay a fixed rate for a period.

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TimesofMoney Ltd,
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1st floor, D. N. Road,
Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.

Tel.  - 2273 1684
Fax. - 2273 1263

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