Freedom is choosing your Booking Exchange Rate. Brought to you by Remit2India.

Just specify your Booking Exchange Rate and we'll execute the transaction only when the exchange rate reaches the rate that you choose.

For as little as a USD 6.95 charge applicable on a transaction you successfully complete.

  • Specify the exchange rate that suits you.
  • We'll execute the transaction on the day that the Booking Exchange Rate you specify is equal to or less than the conversion rate we offer on that day.
  • The conversion rate we'll apply to your transaction will be that which appears on the fourth business day from the date on which your transaction is executed, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays in India and the U.S.
  • If the Booking Exchange Rate you specify is not breached within 30 days from the date you send us the instruction, the transaction will be canceled.
  • Normal fees will apply.
How it Works/Process/Procedure
  • Sign in and click MyExchange Rate under 'Programs' in the left panel

  • Click Set My Instruction and either select your recipient or enter details of a new recipient.

  • Enter the amount and the Booking Exchange Rate of your choice.

  • Select the purpose of the transaction and your verified bank account.

  • Confirm the instruction you have set.

  • A booking reference number will be generated for the instruction you give.

  • To see the status of your MyExchange Rate instruction in the 'Instruction Tracker', press Click here to view your MyExchange Rate instruction at the bottom of the 'Status Tracker' page.