Letís prevent fraud together

At Remit2India, we take a lot of precautions to manage fraud and ensure that your information is absolutely safe. This includes stringent data management processes & systems, using the latest fraud management tools, constant audits etc.

However, to ensure that your experience with us is always safe, we need you to also follow some basic fraud management tips, which would help safeguard your information.

Few things you should keep your eyes open for, include:

Fake Requests:

If an unknown relative suddenly sends you a request to send money because he/she is in an emergency, please ignore it. Fraudsters are constantly looking to exploit such situations to get your money.

Scam Lotteries & Sweepstakes:

Winning a lottery is an extremely rare probability especially if you havenít participated in one. So if you get an email asking you to deposit money to claim your lottery, please delete the mail right away. Itís definitely a scam.

Phishing Emails:

Fraudsters are constantly looking for your confidential information including passwords, account details, etc. Make sure you donít respond to any email request for your password etc. because we will never ask for it. Also, look out for suspicious signs like bad spelling, mass emails not personally addressed to you, broken images, odd-looking URLs etc. before clicking on any link..

Romantic scams:

Did you come across someone in a chat room or e-mail, who showed interest in you and is at a distant location? Did they want to meet you and asked you to sponsor his/her travel and for further financial help. This may sound like a romantic fairy tale but this can be a potential scam. Do not send any money as it can never be recovered and you will be at a loss.

Elderly abuse scam:

You find some stranger getting close to you and offering to help you manage your property and other assets. You get calls from unknown real estate companies quoting excellent prices for your assets. You come across documents that has your signatures but you do not remember signing them. Be alert! This can be a financial scam. Never trust anyone you do not know with your hard earned money. You can lose out on your life savings.

Other tips you should follow:

  • Always logout from your account if you are using a shared machine
  • Try and use a different password from what you use on other sites
  • Choose a strong password with a combination of special characters, numbers etc. and donít use something that would be obvious to crack
  • Try and change your password every few months
  • Make sure the secure pages have Ďhttpsí in the URL
  • Keep checking your bank statement periodically for any random unauthorized debits. Also, make sure you register for your Bankís email and text alerts for every transaction on your account

So letís work together to have a fraud free experience. In case you notice any suspicious activity, do notify us immediately on

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