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What is BillPay2India Service?

BillPay2India enables Non-resident Indians (NRIs) living in the United States to pay their utility bills in India in U.S dollars. You can directly make your bill payments seamlessly from your U.S bank account to the respective service provider in India.

How do I make payments through BillPay2India?

Paying Bills through Billpay2India is a simple process:
  1. Register with BillPay2India (Remit2India and Window2India users log in with your existing user ID and password. Select and add the Billers, you wish to make payments for.
  2. Start paying your bills! *
  3. * If you are a non Remit2india customer, add your US bank account, verify it and then start paying your bills.

Who can use BillPay2India?

BillPay2India is currently available to all NRI’s living in the United States.

Which currencies can I use to make Bill Payments?

Currently, bill payments can be made in U.S dollars toward bills payable in Indian Rupee.

Do I need to register for BillPay2India?

Existing Remit2India and Window2India customers can use their respective log in credentials to use Billpay2India service. However, all customers need to fill up a simple bill payment registration form to enable us to start allowing you to add and pay your bills

Is Billpay2India secure?

BillPay2India does not share the personal information provided by you with any third party (unless, of course, required to do so by law or the details required for facilitation of service). For details read our Privacy Policy. All transactions are carried out across secure encrypted lines and state-of- the-art firewalls, which have gone through extensive security tests.

What are the benefits of Billpay2India?

  1. Completely Online Payment System
    1. Bill presented in mailbox
    2. Completely online payment
  2. Hassle Free Payments:
    1. Avoid writing Cheques
    2. Avoid physical travel to clear bills
  3. Fastest cross border bill completion:
    1. Within 5 working days
  4. One stop Shop for nearly all bill payments

Is BillPay2India Unique?

Billpay2India, the only service provider to offer bill payments across borders.

Who are the providers of this service?

Billpay2India, is provided by Times of Money Ltd. Its sister concern, Remit2India offers complete remittance solutions to NRI's in USA, UK, Australia , Europe and Singapore.